About Brandes Wellness


Brandes is an online marketplace connecting the best vetted and certified fitness professionals, facilities and nutrition services with clientele in select cities nationwide! They were founded in 2012 with the purpose in providing the necessary structure in achieving motor unit recruitment, balance and knowledge acquired for optimal range of motion. They are now a new network where users are able to schedule sessions for up to 54% off the original price of the average trainer. This is the perfect structure which provides professionals with sessions while they sleep, in turn gaining leeway and flexibility in a users schedule without a binding membership!
Brandes partners with top gyms and fitness studios which allows users to schedule at their convenience at an affordable rate even if they are not a member at the provided venue! You will find that an active lifestyle is every bit as essential of a component of ones future enhancing investments such as a 401k, IRA etc. Searching for a professional at Brandes’ custom built online platform makes finding a high quality and experienced trainer simple and affordable! With on demand nutrition counseling via subscription services and detailed online trainer profiles it is truly the customers home base to a healthy investment.



Brandes is powered by a nonmembership association providing a free platform connecting the best vetted and certified fitness professionals, studios and nutritionists with clients in select cities nationwide!.


(Services enlighten the community by promoting fitness via philanthropy projects at neighboring New York city school districts, fundraisers and special events.)



Take Care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.