Fitness Program


Brandes will tailor an exercise Rx program specifically pertaining to your genetics whether you are an overweight sedentary individual looking to lose your stomach and gain muscle, a bikini model tapering, or simply looking for a wellness package to support your general well being.

Brandes will tailor an exercise/nutrition program necessary to achieve your overall goal for caloric intake, calculations for protein, carbohydrate and fat consumption and exercise workout manipulation.

The program is comprised of an excerpt of exercise science knowledge, a meal plan of the necessary food groups incorporated into your diet according to the measured calories including carbohydrates, proteins and fats measured (40%, 30%, 30%) in grams and a full 12 week custom made exercise training plan that is changed every month to advance you to the next level within your micro macro and meso cycles. Within the next 24 hours of purchase we will contact you in regards to your program to develop the most effective routine for you.


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